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Part NumberProduct TitleList PriceSale PriceStock Status
1249000000000020C S20 Master Step Chuck$512.00 
1291000000000025C S26 Master Step Chuck$548.00 
1717010000000016C Master Collet for S12 Pads$308.00 
1717020000000016C Master Collet for S16 Pads$308.00 
50150000000000S15 1-1/2" Cone Master Collet$173.25 
50210000000000S20 2" Cone Master Collet$224.00 
51130000000000S26 2-5/8" Gridley Master Collet$322.50 
53110000000000S22 B65 Master Collet$318.50 
53115400000000S22 B65 Master Collet with 3/4" Extended Nose$356.00 
80410000000000Special Short S26 Acme Master Collet$318.50 
9502143003334GShort S20 2" Cone Master$716.00 
9503143001465FShort S35 3-1/2" Cone Master Collet$1,230.00 
95Z3250435936NShort ATS 32J S20 Master Collet$708.00 
95Z3938435940NRSShort S26 2-5/8" Acme Collet$866.00 
95Z4440438552NShort S30 ATS Master Collet$1,035.00 
95Z5062438514MS35 Low Profile Master Collet$1,010.00 
95Z5562437765PLow Profile S40 Master Collet$1,080.00 
9804143009477PSHORT S26 2-5/8 ACME COLLET$768.00 
C0650S16MASTERFlexC 65 S16 Master$275.00 
C0650S20MASTERFlexC 65 S20 Master$297.00 
C0650S22MASTERFlexC 65 S22 Master$319.50